From: Danny Wallace <>

To: My New Citizen

Subject: Greetings!Edit


It is I! King Danny! Your friend and hopefully your ruler!

And guess what?

The time has come for me to reveal the first, early days of our brand new country! History in the making! And you are part of it!

My journey begins TONIGHT, Wednesday August 3rd, at 10pm on BBC2!

It's called How To Start Your Own Country, and in it, I'll be attempting to secure us a territory - looking at islands, invading somewhere, and even meeting the man who owns the moon.

And that's not all - straight after the show, press the red button, and you'll be transported LIVE to Citizen TV... where you'll be able to call me on air, e-mail me, text me, and help me shape a nation.

You can e-mail me NOW in the studio, on and I might read it out tonight... what should I do with the country? How far should we take this? What should we call it?

Or do you fancy phoning me? Call 08700 10 10 80 (lines open at 10pm and UK national rates apply).

Or check out the incredible new website - going live later on today - at

Remember - my country needs you! Over the next six weeks, your decisions and input will change the world!

Well, a country, anyway.

See you tonight,


PS. Click this link for a sneak preview of How To Start Your Own Country...