If you haven't already become a Citizen, it's very easy to do.

  • Step One - by answering a few simple questions, repeating an oath and pressing your hand against the screen (which you may do by following the link from this page), you commit your mind and spirit to the kingdom, if not your more personal details.
  • Step Two - There is no step two, it's that easy!

ALTERNATIVELY you need to be told about the project many months in advance of the TV show, whilst it's being recorded in fact, so that you can appear on the TV show as a Citizen. It's a bit hard to do this now.

Citizens Required ReadingEdit

The following pages on the main Citizens Required site are all Citizen-related:

Citizens by NameEdit

Believe me, this is going to be a long list, and if this site proves popular I may have to split it up alphabetically, but for now the place to check or submit details of Citizens is on:

Citizens who have been onto this site may wish to add more details about themselves. Make sure it's not too personal, and avoid your email address unless you don't mind total strangers emailing you.

Citizens by LocationEdit

For those citizens who want to be able to meet up with other Citizens, you can add your name to the pages listed below. It's not recommended you put too much detail about your home address, unless you actually want strangers dropping by out of the blue, or sending you odd mail.

Citizens Who Joined Danny Before He Was KingEdit

Many Citizens have previously answered Danny's call, when he had no ambitions to be The King, and simply offered the invitation: Join Me. Those that did are known as Joinees.


Citizens tend to split themselves up into different groups. These groups are listed under this section here: The Factions


Are you a Citizen? Do you have an Embassy? Do you want to stick a picture of it online?

Then go ahead. See Embassies.

Meets Edit

Are you a Citizen? Do you want to meet other Citizens? Do you want to arrange a Meet, or find out if anyone else has done so?

Then go ahead. See Meets

  • The London meets were going strong for a while, meeting every Friday since soon after the country began... take a look at the London Meet wiki page for more information about them.