Welcome to this Big List. Not very big yet, is it? But you can help make it bigger.

This list is based upon a thread HERE. I've used only the fictional suggestions, but if any genuine members of a genuine world religion want to make their religion's presence felt, it should be added to the list, made into a link, and talked about, with feeling. Thanks.

To add a new entry to the list, click on 'edit' above, scroll down to where your addition should appear (alphabetically), and add '* insert own words here', remembering to hit return to keep entries on separate lines. Then hit Save Changes, which will return you to this page.

If you want your addition to the list to serve as a link to a separate page, where you can write more details, instead write '* [[insert own words here]]'. When you hit Save Changes and return to this page, you will find your entry on the list is highlighted red. Click on this link to add additional details. Save Changes. Smile. You've done good.

Remember, the list should remain alphabetical.