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  • All set up camp on one of those weeny little abandoned islands near Scotland
  • All take turns to live in Danny's flat
  • Ask the Queen if we can have wales
  • Make a country about 5X the size of the island of Ireland called Neo-Atlantis in the middle of the Atalantic Ocean.
  • Purchase islands from Greece or Croatia.
  • Secretly claim unwanted land for our new country - fly tipping sites, disused factories, that sort of thing - move in and after a while it becomes ours - I think they call it squatting.
  • Take over Sealand
  • Set of nuclear war heads under the sea to create volcanoes that will cool to form island
  • Take back Eel Pie Island
  • Claim Ceres as our own and build a base there
  • Invade the south of France using the Bed and Breakfasts as re supply points.