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Banks & Wag met in the mid-nineties, studying music in London. In 1998, they joined what they knew would be the defining indie rock band of the following decade, Nnook. The band split in 1999.

Undeterred, the boys set about changing the face of rock n roll through a series of high profile advertising jingles. And the odd wedding band gig.

Five years on, Banks & Wag have composed the theme tunes to several hit BBC shows; won awards for their film soundtracks; and written for over thirty commercials worldwide.

And now they've knocked out their first National Anthem... good work guys, a peerage is on its way.

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Banks & Wag are also Joinees, and known to other Joinees by their alternative name, Vis-a-Vis.

Sir Wag also appears in Danny Wallace's recent book, Yes Man, where he was touring with Busted, and under the mistaken belief that Danny was becomeing obsessed with him.

His real name is Wayne.