Micronations are countries that are not formally recognised by any members of the United Nations. Most exist on the Internet, and have been around in their present incarnation since the 1980s. The "hobby" of micronationalism has flourished with the internet, allowing many like-minded people to create countries and communicate on message boards. There is a wealth of material about them available on the internet.

What Is A Micronation?Edit

Wikipedia provided this definition:

Micronations – which are sometimes also referred to as cybernations, fantasy countries, model countries, new country projects, and online nations – are entities that resemble independent states, but for the most part exist only on paper, on the Internet, or in the minds of their creators. A small number have also managed to extend some of their operations into the real world. When they do touch on the real world, they converge to some degree with other organising paradigms that offer, or seem to offer, political or infrastructural independence of some sort.

(the rest of this very large document can be found on the Wikipedia Micronations page).

External LinksEdit

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  • One micronation, the Imperial Republic of Shireroth has its own wiki on all things to do with the Anglophone Sector of micronationalism, which can be found here.
  • The Shireroth wiki has recently been more focused on Shireroth itself. On the demise of MNN, Shireroth restored a number of non-Shirithian articles.
  • The Aerican Empire is considered by many to be the Monty Python of micronations, and can be found here [1]
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