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Brief IntroductionEdit

The official site can be found at, but there is a little information about it on this site. The Citizens Required project coincides with the TV series How To Start Your Own Country, both of which follow The King on his exploits.

Originally I had very noble intentions about not copying and pasting things from the official site onto this, and that I'd be adding links from this site to the official. Very noble. Except it didn't quite work - most links I set up to specific pages of re-directed to the home-page. Except for the message-boards and a select few. Although that has now changed, and the links seem to be working again. For now.

So, I WILL be quoting some bits and pieces. But they will be attributed to Danny's site. And for the most part I'll be sticking in links to the relevant pages on the official site, pages listed on this big central contents page of Danny's site.

Department of Being KingEdit

Department of Actually Running ThingsEdit

Department of Our Territory and Defending ItEdit

Department of Looking and Sounding NiceEdit

Department of Getting Along With OthersEdit

Department of The People Who Run This PlaceEdit

Department of Being a Good CitizenEdit

Department of Keeping Things RightEdit

Department of What Others ThinkEdit

Department of Message BoardsEdit

Note - you need to have applied for online Citizenship to access these message boards