Citizen's Eye is a satirical newspaper aimed at poking fun at the ruling classes of the As-Yet-Unnamed country. Citizen's Eye is completely independent from the main country and although the writers are citizens, it exists as a separate entity.

The aim of Citizen's Eye is to point out semi-serious political, social and economic problems with the As-Yet-Unnamed nation and make fun of the ruling parties. Furthermore, Citizen's Eye attempts to make the site something of a resource for the community.

Citizen's Eye is updated as and when there are new stories available to add to the site.


Citizen's Eye started just after programme 2 of ' How To Start Your Own Country', August 2005. Coded using a keyboard, computer, several lunch breaks, twelve cans of IRN BRU and several expletives, it came into being with its first article commenting on the size and growth rate of the population.

Intially, the stories are based around the nation as a whole but as the community begins to expand, more material on the ruling people will be gathered.

From this humble beginning, Citizen's Eye has expanded to allow visitors to register and leave comments across the site, adding their own ideas about the articles posted.


As yet there is only one editor: