Confusionism is a fledgling religion, though its origins date back to the Catholic papal election in April 2005 and so it existed before Citizens Required but aspire to become the official religion.

The religion is the brainchild of Vincent Flood, who goes by the name of Cyber-Pope. Flood, a lapsed Catholic, started Confusionism as a satirical religion when he sold the email address "" on eBay for $161.

The eBay auction received international news coverage and though Confusionism was originally intended to be a blog, the religion mutated into a "real faith" when people from around the world started signing up. The Cyber-Pope also received emails from people who thought they were actually emailing the Pope, so he wrote his own humourous repliesto Catholic well wishers.

Now it seems the Confusionists are intent on building a new world order.

Since starting out, Confusionism has quickly become one of the most popular blogs on the Internet and tends to opt for controversy. The Confusionists claim to have found a Messiah in the form of an obscure Yorkshireman named Dean Bowen, who they pitted against Jesus Christ inThe Battle of the Messiahs.

The Confusionists have also attempted to claim responsibility for the Toronto Air Fire and have started campaigns to make Confusionism the official religion of the London 2012 Olympics and to bring bullies backinto British schools to fight childhood obesity.

See THIS SITE for more details and to sign up to Confusionism.

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